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word salad 1979

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Etat disqueEX : Excellent : Le disque montre des signes d'avoir été joué (sensibles marques lumineuses), mais la perte de qualité sonore est pratiquement inaudible.
Etat pochetteEX : Excellent : La pochette peut avoir quelques très discrètes rayures et/ou des petits plis.
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Word Salad is a 1979 debut album by Fischer-Z. John Watts and Steve Skolnik formed the band in 1976 whilst at Brunel University. John Watts had been travelling up and down the country playing the club circuit. Fischer-Z was playing a crossover of the new wave, punk and reggae genres. In 1978, the band secured a record deal with United Artists, alongside the Buzzcocks, The Stranglers and Dr. Feelgood
1."Pretty Paracetamol" (also known as: "First Impressions", but this name doesn't usually feature on the CD releases) – 3:57
2."Acrobats" – 2:42
3."The Worker" – 3:36
4."Spiders" – 1:42
5."Remember Russia" – 3:29
6."The French Let Her" – 3:21
7."Lies" – 3:57
8."Wax Dolls" – 2:46
9."Headlines" – 3:21
10."Nice to Know" – 2:52
11."Billy and the Motorway Police" – 2:11
12."Lemmings" – 3:02